Boiling Point Brewery

Naming, Logo and Packaging

At the essence of Boiling Point Brewery is experimentation. Each batch they make is limited and each run is unique. When the Canterbury-based brewers approached Fellow to design a label, we knew it needed to reflect their carefully crafted, hands-on process. By partnering with individual artists and illustrators for each individual label, we provided a solution that truly captured their artisanal approach.

01. Research

From the sourcing of premium American malts to the fermentation and bottle sterilising process, we worked closely with Boiling Point’s creator to gain an in-depth understanding of the brand and its consumers. Of course sampling was imperative and we can vouch for the results. Through conversation and familiarity, we gained a number of vital insights, which led us to consider how these could be captured through design.

02. Exploration

As we learnt more about Boiling Point’s processes and development, we came to understand the importance of the brand’s individual, hands-on nature. This was something we sought to emphasise in our approach to the design. The care taken with each batch gave each beer its personality. There was nothing mass produced about the brand, so why mass produce design?

03. Development

Each beer required not only a visual identity, but also a name. The first one we set our minds to was a smooth and silky vanilla stout. The juxtaposition of a hardy dark beer with the softer vanilla favour, brought forward connotations of the 1970s. Inspired by shag-pile carpets and textures of an experimental decade, we created: Velvet Wagon.

04. Implementation

In developing the initial Velvet Wagon identity we set the brief and template for all other artists to follow. This ensured all batches felt connected, despite the unique nature of design. It also provided clear parameters for collaborating artists that allowed them to push creative limits, without detracting from the brand.
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