Brand Identity

Nike’s Brand Message

It takes a lot of work to achieve simplicity, and this message is a testament to work well done. Although it wasn’t intentionally developed to be the rallying cry that it is today, it achieves its original goal of creating a consistent story across Nike’s many facets. We take a look at why ‘Just Do It’ works so well, and what you can take away from it. 

What Is A Brand Message?

A brand message is how a brand uses language to persuasively describe the value it brings to customers.

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Deliveroo Marketing Campaign

Is it time to rebrand?

Sometimes a full rebrand isn’t needed, and a brand refresh may be a better option. For more information on brand refreshing, check out our previous article here. Your decision depends on your brand equity, and your growth potential. 

What is a Rebrand

A rebrand is a strategic decision to change a business’ identity. This can include the name, visual identity, verbal identity, and all existing collateral. This is a useful strategy to engage new markets and attract new customers to your company.

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Boxed Water

Value of Sustainability – How Brands Benefit From Going Green

The increase in concern for the wealthfare of our environment has pushed many, mostly in the younger generation, towards going green. But what is the value of sustainability for brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint?

Within this journal entry we’ll look to scratch the surface of answering that question and introduce you to our newest whitepaper. Within this whitepaper you will receive a full breakdown of how and why your brand may benefit from going sustainable.  

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startups and branding

Why Branding is Important for New Businesses and Start-Ups

In this journal entry, we’ll be looking into this and will also introduce you to our new white paper. These white papers have been developed to give you more detail on how you can start, grow and benefit from your branding. Find out more about these white papers here

What Does Branding Mean? 

Branding is the act of promoting a business, product, or service with an identity. Throughout the whole history of commerce,

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how to identify your brand position

How to Identify Your Brand

What is your favourite product and why? What are the factors that make that specific product so good, in your eyes? Is it the usability, the quality, design or any of these? These factors and many more all go towards the brand’s image. It’s these factors that we’ll look to identify when figuring out what a brand really is. 

The first and most obvious question is, What is brand identity?

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An award winning design duo

Fellow built on Friendship

At the heart of Fellow Studio is a friendship, a relationship. A friendship between designers whose passion for brand and design brought them together. Fellow’s co directors, Anthony Chapman and Paul Crump, their individual enthusiasm for brand and design are only equal to one another’s obsession.

Fellow’s Origin

This friendship led directly to the creation of Fellow studio. So when Fellow claims that it values relationships, it comes from our experience of a friendship powering what they have achieved.

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Branding Agency London Tej Kohli Foundation

The Importance of the Brand World

At Fellow Studio we consider our most unique selling point to be our focus on creating brand worlds.

Brand World

What is the brand world? At Fellow we use the following analogy: your brand is one person, speaking many local languages, but always with the same accent. Your brand’s principal values must always be present wherever it comes into contact with your audiences. It must also feel appropriate in those diverse contexts. 

Our Philosophy

This is our philosophy.

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brand awareness

How to Develop Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is something that a lot of small to medium-sized businesses struggle with. A common question we face here at Fellow is: how do I develop my brand awareness?. Unfortunately, this is not an easy thing to do, but hopefully, we can help in this article. 

In this article we’ll look at ‘how to develop brand awareness’. We’ll cover how to use brand image, brand marketing and other techniques to improve brand development. 

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