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The value of insights

So what might insights mean for your business? What tools can you implement to maximise your budgets and meaningfully connect with your audiences?

What are marketing insights?

Insights are a valuable piece of information that can be directly acted upon to help your business plan. They’re generally things we aren’t conscious of–patterns that go unnoticed in our regular lives. Comedians are great with insights, consider how they show us moments we didn’t know were shared.

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Is it time to rebrand?

Sometimes a full rebrand isn’t needed, and a brand refresh may be a better option. For more information on brand refreshing, check out our previous article here. Your decision depends on your brand equity, and your growth potential. 

What is a Rebrand

A rebrand is a strategic decision to change a business’ identity. This can include the name, visual identity, verbal identity, and all existing collateral. This is a useful strategy to engage new markets and attract new customers to your company.

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Value of Sustainability – How Brands Benefit From Going Green

The increase in concern for the wealthfare of our environment has pushed many, mostly in the younger generation, towards going green. But what is the value of sustainability for brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint?

Within this journal entry we’ll look to scratch the surface of answering that question and introduce you to our newest whitepaper. Within this whitepaper you will receive a full breakdown of how and why your brand may benefit from going sustainable.  

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Tone of Voice in Branding

What is Tone of Voice in Branding?

Tone of voice in branding refers to how your communication and marketing content is written. This includes everything from newsletters to social media comments. Your tone of voice is determined by your brand’s personality and values. 

Why is Tone of Voice Important in Branding? 

All brands have personalities they want to portray to their consumers, whether humorous, authoritative, or even romantic. A change in the style of your content and tone of voice can change how your brand personality is received.

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What is a Brand Communication Plan?

Brand Messaging

What is it you want to say to your consumers? Your brand message is the underlying value and proposition you are making to your customers. It’s what makes your brand relatable and compels your audiences to choose you. Under your overarching brand message, you may then have key messages under that, and a messaging funnel – allowing you to tell a richer and ongoing story. 

Might be of interest – Why Branding is So Important

Key Audiences

How you communicate will vary depending on each audience segment – a female in her 20s likely does not have the same motivations and drivers as a male in his 50s.

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Why Branding is Important for New Businesses and Start-Ups

In this journal entry, we’ll be looking into this and will also introduce you to our new white paper. These white papers have been developed to give you more detail on how you can start, grow and benefit from your branding. Find out more about these white papers here

What Does Branding Mean? 

Branding is the act of promoting a business, product, or service with an identity. Throughout the whole history of commerce,

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Working with a branding agency

Be in Cahoots

Being in cahoots is about sharing in the process. When you work with Fellow, we become part of your team. Through conversation and insights we get to know your business, challenging you to think more deeply about the role and impact of brand design.

Origins of our Mantra

Being in Cahoots is borne out of our co founders , Anthony and Paul’s decades long friendship. Fellow Studio came from the pair discovering and developing a mutual passion for design.

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