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Health, Wellness and Your Brand

Finding Value

Value can be found everywhere within the industry, even more so considering consumers’ post-pandemic priorities. Consumers are increasingly focused on health and wellness, with the fashion and beauty industries pivoting away from high heels and lipstick into skincare, hair care, and lounge wear,

Trends Within the Market

The health and wellness industry is no stranger to trends. The pandemic boosted these trends and social media, such as TikTok, blew them up further.

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How to run a brand awareness campaign

What is a brand awareness campaign?

A brand awareness campaign is a strategy that is put in place to help improve awareness of your brand. 

Brand awareness refers to how well your target market knows and understands your brand. Brands with a high level of awareness are typically known as “popular” and “on-trend”. This buzz has built up using brand campaigns which yield rewards through marketing promotions, product sales, and popularity. 

The concept of brand awareness is slightly vague.

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Connecting Conscious Businesses with Real Change

Paul Crump: Why did you decide to be part of the goodcarbon group?

Tosson El Noshokaty: There wasn’t a singular factor, but instead many things that came together. I’ve had a lot of experience working with asset managers and financial institutes and found myself questioning why more money wasn’t being invested in environmental impact. goodcarbon had exactly what I wanted to do, it’s a unique intersection of sustainability, asset management, and investment–creating a lucrative and compelling business case for big money to get involved. 

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How to Develop a Brand Strategy? 

What is a Brand Strategy?

Your brand strategy forms a north star and guiding principles for your brand’s future. It should align with your business strategy, outline where you want to go, and provide guidance on how you’re going to get there. This strategy is typically set to a long term goal to increase your brand’s identification or presence within the minds of consumers. Within brand strategy you will likely encounter ‘frameworks’, and every agency will include different aspects or terminology such as brand purpose,

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Benefits of Dove Branding 4

The Benefits of Branded Content

As more people than ever before skip ads, block banners, and ignore traditional advertising, companies are forced to rethink how they carve out a space in consumers minds. One increasingly popular strategy is the rise of branded content. Branded content is about building connections with your audience, with 61% of customers saying that they’re more likely to buy from a brand that creates custom content. It’s a technique designed to help companies appeal to the hearts and minds of their target audience in a way unachievable by traditional advertising.

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creating a brand message

How to Create a Brand Message

First things first: What is a Brand Message?

Before we find out how to create a brand message we need to understand what a brand message is. Your brand message tells of the underlying value your proposition offers. It should resonate and be moving, inspiring or motivating – driving your customer to choose you over competitors. You can communicate your brand message to your audience through both verbal and visual cues, and though your message doesn’t have to be the same for every piece of content,

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What is Brand Collateral?

Types of Brand Collateral

Brand collateral comes in many forms, from tangible to intangible. As our platforms and preferences change, so do opportunities for new avenues of communication. Here are are quick few examples:

  • Stationery (business cards, newsletters, envelopes and notepads)
  • Digital (social banners, animated content, websites, display advertising, eNewsletters)
  • Publication (press ads, magazines, editorial, reports)
  • Print (brochures, flyers, posters, mailers)
  • Signage (wayfinding, external building,

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examples of brand positioning

Our Top 8 Examples of Brand Positioning

If you didn’t already know, we here at Fellow Studio, London, love branding. We love each aspect of branding, including brand positioning. Brand positioning is imperative if you want to stand out from other similar businesses you may be competing with. Because of these factors, we thought we’d write up a list of our top 8 examples of brand positioning and explain why they are so good.  

Firstly, What is Brand Positioning? 

Brand positioning focuses on what your brand does to stand out from its competitors.

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what is brand management

What is Brand Management

Keeping control of your brand is important. If you allow your brand to get out of hand, then you would send an inconsistent message to users and customers. Brand management is a strategy to ensure consistency in your brand. But what is brand management, and how does this service work to care for brands? In this journal entry we pay close attention to the brand guardianship aspect of brand management. 

What is Brand Management and Does it Protect your Brand?  …

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Why Use a Professional Web Designer? 

What Does a Web Designer Do?

A Web Designer’s goal is to create a website that looks and feels like the brand. In other words, a web designer gives your brand an online presence. To achieve this, the web designer follows a planned process of steps in order to arrive at the best results. 

Might of interest – The history of website design

The Strategy Meeting

Web designers work with the client to understand their wants and needs for their website.

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