EI Group

Brand Architecture, Logo and Brand Palette

Previously known as Enterprise Inns, it’s likely the EI Group own your local. In fact, they’re the UK’s largest pub chain but chances are you weren’t aware. Working as part of the Hoxby Collective, we got to know EI when they were creating four new sub-brands. These needed to work in combination, but stand comfortably apart.

01. Research

Pubs are social spaces, where people come together. Publicans create the space for stories and ideas to flourish, while EI Group partners with its publicans to provide business know-how, properties and support. “Enabling the flow of conversation” guided our approach to the EI rebrand. In our research we looked beyond just hospitality brands to the telecommunications sector too, as we sought to capture that connection and have it flow through our design.

02. Exploration

By looking to EI’s competitors, we found most other pub chain logos felt quite hard. There was also a tendency towards darker, muted colours. Things were dull, the EI Group needed spark. In creating the logo and colour palette we considered the brand’s heritage and history, before differentiating through energetic but complementary colour choice and a style that emphasised connection.

03. Development

Our entire design process centred around creating a mini EI family – each member designed to fit, not blend in or takeover. The resulting Group and four sub brands all have their own personalities, but feel just as natural as a team. They’re friendly and approachable while providing a solid, distinctive mark.

04. Implementation

By getting alongside our clients and understanding their businesses, we also help them get to know the value of design and how it works. As part of this project, we developed a clear set of logo and colour-focused guidelines. This provided EI with the knowledge and resources needed to implement their brand new look.
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